Thank you to everyone who participated in the first Charlotte Running Club Virtual 10 Miler! 

If your results are missing, wrong or need clarification please EMAIL us and we will correct it ASAP!

Congrats to our overall winners Ryan Jank (54:38) and Paula Pridgen (61:52)! 

Congrats as well to our Drawing Winner Senol Evren!  All three winners will get a CRC prize pack!

The 10 miler is a grueling race and a tough long run!  It was great to have over 100 runners all across the Charlotte area finish the challenge TOGETHER this week, even though we were physically apart!

We had multiple 10 Miler PRs set, Jonathan Piggot had a great time and his LONGEST run ever!  Congrats to each and every one of you!

Thanks each and every one of you for challenging yourselves, and in doing so challenging each other!  Because everything is easier when you know that WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER!

Name Time Division
Ryan Jank (1st) 54:38 M
Chris Raulli (2nd) 54:41 M
David Willis (3rd) 56:23 M
Ben Hovis    57:51
Sebastian Nicewicz 58:36 M
Daniel Matena 59:06 M
Juan Tisera 59:48 M
Stuart Lundsten 1:02:56
Ed Schlichter 1:03:43 M
Andrew Charters1:04:05
Ryan Wakefield1:04:12
Franklin Keathley1:04:58
Josh Tierney 1:05:23 M
Joey Woltjer 1:05:32 M
Tim Mann 1:05:36 M
Daniel Eggers 1:07:05 M
Craig Sinbine 1:07:35 M
John Compton 1:10:07 M
Brad Farmer 1:10:35 M
Paul Mainwaring 1:11:19 M
Dwayne Bowman 1:11:52 M
Lucas Prillaman 1:11:56 M
Jay Seago 1:14:57 M
Darius Moore 1:15:12 M
George Joy 1:15:55 M
Allen Jacobs 1:16:28 M
Frank Webb 1:17:11 M
Josh Neider 1:17:54 M
Ryan Bullard 1:18:01 M
Mike Detrick 1:19:01 M
Troy Lee 1:19:01 M
Chad Champion 1:19:34 M
Phil Sanford 1:20:08 M
Bryan Emery 1:21:20 M
Tom Campion 1:24:49 M
Sudhir Chauhan 1:24:52 M
Andy Aldrige 1:24:56 M
Travis Hicks 1:24:56 M
Justin Watkins 1:25:45 M
Paul Gaggl 1:27:00

Adam Sewell 1:27:33 M
Eric Ellis 1:27:40 M
Jonathan Piggot 1:28:38 M
Chris Tackson 1:31:19 M
Bryan Springer 1:31:26 M
Collin Jones 1:32:45 M
Senol Evren 1:37:42 M
Lance F 1:37:49 M
Michael Morse 1:38:39 M
David Sabenaw 1:39:20 M
Douglas McDowell 1:39:30 M
Robert Zabel 1:39:54 M
Greg Washington 1:42:22 M
J Welch 1:43:12 M
Michael Jones 1:55:01 M
Nigel Carpenter 1:58:09 M
Bill Farley 2:00:10 M
Rob Owens 2:49:49 M




Paula Pridgen (1st) 1:01:52 F
Megan Hovis (2nd) 1:04:38 F
Ashley Marques (3rd) 1:12:33 F
Johanna Remes 1:12:34 F
Anne Fechtel 1:16:16 F
Margaret Finke 1:18:59 F
Phyllis Tsang 1:19:16 F
McKenna Dove 1:19:42 F
Eva Prez 1:24:10 F
Rebecca Bechtel 1:26:37 F
Erin Shanaberger 1:28:04 F
Katie Howard 1:29:54 F
Chrissa Blair 1:30:46 F
Margaret Barrett 1:33:46 F
Leigh Brown 1:34:15 F
Hannah Oleksak 1:34:26 F
Sarah Genay 1:35:15 F
Kim Tackson 1:36:16 F
Christi Milledge 1:36:34 F
Sarah Spencer 1:37:12 F
Natalie Marinelli 1:39:11 F
Alison House 1:40:58 F
Whitley Adkins Hamlin 1:46:57 F
Hannah Audrey 1:50:01 F
Sofie Cha 1:51:17 F
Jennifer Nelson 1:54:30 F
Ashley Davis 1:54:31 F
Erin Wyndham 1:56:52 F
Kelsey Bertram 1:56:55 F
Laura Ruthenbeck 2:02:15 F
Jasmine Wallace 2:04:17 F
Laurie Passalaqua 2:15:32 F

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