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October 01, 2019 7:00 AM | Anonymous

by Kelly Fillnow

Why Wait for Motivation?

Some days our motivation is high. We are extremely motivated to get out the door and go for a run. Maybe we are meeting a fun group. Or our incredible PR has inspired us to get back to work. Or the sun is out, the temperature is perfect, and we can’t wait to catch that vitamin d and flee the office. Those are the days we long for, but the reality is that constant motivation is a far cry from reality.

Often, we struggle to get out the door. Maybe we are facing a lot of life stress and want to ignore the alarm. Or that injury has made us feel like a snail instead of a gazelle and the last thing we want to do is see our sluggish splits. So we look up some “Running Motivation” quotes on Twitter or open up Instagram to find inspiration so we can attempt to find motivation. We figure that will lead us to lacing up our sneakers. But why do we have to feel inspired to get motivated? What if our action can instead lead to the inspiration and motivation we are searching to find? 

Mark Manson calls this “The Do Something Principle.” When one of my athletes is trying to get back into a routine, I often encourage them to wake up, put on their exercise clothes, and tie up their sneakers. That is their one and only workout goal for the day. They are doing something and creating a positive step forward. Most of the time it leads to a short bout of exercise. However, that is not my goal. They are actually overachieving! This one small step leads to habit formation and repeatable action results. Accomplishing a goal after taking action creates a powerful change in mentality.

Instead of waiting to feel inspired to go after your goal, take that small step forward. This will eliminate a reliance on motivation which will inevitably oscillate. Each time you move positively in the right direction, you are creating opportunities to reach your goals simply through habit formation and action. 

Kelly Fillnow is the owner of Fillnow Coaching, a group of athletes and coaches whose goal is to inspire people to reach the greatness within them. For more information you may contact Kelly at or 704-412-8561, or visit


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