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  • November 14, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    Keep Running in 2020 with These Three Injury Prevention Tips

    The year 2019 is actually coming to a close and it’s about that time to start looking into the 2020 running season (if you haven’t already). Hopefully it was a great, injury-free year for you, and if so, let’s stay on that track! If you have been battling injuries and they’ve been holding you back, these three tips that can help manage and mitigate your injuries in 2020.

    Running Form Assessment

    Let’s be honest with ourselves, as we continue to get older, and as the days fly by, we open up the opportunity for change to occur in our running form. Perhaps it’s a slightly stiffer hamstring that is getting worse, or hip flexor that seems to be perpetually tightening up. Sure you may not hurt from it, but the reality is that you may be undergoing a slight change in your running form. Make sure to have your form assessed by a specialist to ensure you’re continuing to run optimally.

    Off-Season Strength Training

    Running is a sagittal sport, meaning we tend to ONLY adapt the set of muscles involved in running. This puts us in jeopardy of severely deconditioning our very important core muscles, particularly in our hips and back. Strengthen these in the off-season to help address your weak spots and minimize your risk of injury.


    Mobility is a KEY requirement in the ability to continue to run pain free as we age. Of note, the hamstrings, calves, and the hip flexors almost always end up as the arch-nemesis in the field of running. Make sure that you take this off season seriously with a mobility regimen that is CONDITIONED for YOUR body.

    Dr. Chad Kuntz, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS, CISSN, TPI-1, USA-W is owner of Pr1me Movement Physical Therapy. His goal is to help active individuals return back to working out, playing their favorite sport, and enjoying life without worry, drugs, surgery or meaningless doctor appointments. Contact Dr. Chad at 704-835-0831 or

  • October 01, 2019 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    Greetings CRC members
    As I type this, I am on the light rail heading to the Phil Collins concert reflecting on this past weekend’s running activities. We are so fortunate to have such an active local running community. This weekend we had several races including the Isabella Santos 5k/10k, Hope for Recovery 5k, the Hacker Hustle 8k, Flight the Flame 5k, the Novant 5k/15k and others. Outside of the Charlotte area, some of you participated in the Berlin Marathon where the overall winner came within 2 seconds of the world record. Some of our members competed in Ironman races with twins Megan Fillnow winning Ironman Maryland and Kelly Fillnow finishing 4th at Ironman Chattanooga. As far as ultras we had members run in the Hinson Lake 24 Hour Ultra and the Yeti 100. Congrats to all those that participated. 

    This week we heard the details about those who got entry into the 2020 Boston Marathon. A minimum cushion of 1:39 under the qualifying time was the magic number needed. Marathon times are continuing to get faster even with the 5 minute adjustment last year. Congratulations to those who both got in and who qualified. Both are still amazing accomplishments.

    On October 15 at 6pm we look forward to having our first Free 5k Fun Run near Park Road Park on the beautiful Little Sugar Creek Greenway. Many of you may not be acquainted with this section of the greenway. It’s an absolutely beautiful section that runs along the Creek just south of Tyvola Road. One minute you're in the hustle and bustle of traffic and then next, you’re in a quiet, serene location with nature. We hope to make this a monthly occasion. All paces are welcome. Whether you’re focusing on speed work or want to come have an easy run, just come and join the camaraderie.

    As we move into October, cooler weather cant get here quick enough. I hope to see you at future race, group run, or CRC event.

    In great strides,

    Chad Champion

  • October 01, 2019 8:30 AM | Anonymous

    A new course record, a gutsy performance, and a cliff-side rescue!  This year’s Blue Ridge Relay did not disappoint.  All four Charlotte Running Club teams put out top-notch performances, running the 208 miles and 37,000 feet of elevation change to finish in the top 38 of the over 200-team field. 

    The CRC Men’s Elite team finished second overall with an average pace of 5:45 per mile.  The men produced standout performances across the board, including Carson Truesdell’s 10.5 mile charge up 1250 feet of elevation (a course record 5:34 pace) and Olympian Anthony Famiglietti’s 14:33 5k in the middle of his 8 mile final leg.  The gutsiest performance, however, came from USATF 50 mile trail champion Chris Raulli.  Less than 36 hours before the race, a home improvement accident left him in the ER with a giant gash in his right arm.  A massive amount of stiches and some antibiotics later, Chris ran his first of three legs for the CRC men!

    The CRC StacheFo Elite mixed team had a standout performance as well, placing 1st in the mixed division, 3rd overall and breaking the Blue Ridge Relay Mixed Course Record!  While Charlotte Running Club’s Paula Pridgen (Olympic Trials Qualifier) and Christo Landry (Former American record holder in the 15k) wowed us once again with their performances, it took a true team effort to break the event record.  Mike McMillan started the team off strong, finishing the first leg in 19:49 (a pace of 4:59 per mile) and van one’s anchor, Camille Doom crushed two BRR leg records including a memorable leg 30 sprint. Cara Cremeans passed the fourth and fifth place men’s teams on leg 34 before JITFO vet Paul Newnham sealed the teams spot in 3rd overall.  Traveling the 208 miles in 21:50:57, the women and men put out a BLAZING fast official pace of 6:18 per mile to capture the event record by over 8 minutes. 

    The StacheFo “fun” squad finished 3rd place mixed and 9th overall with a queen city-appropriate pace of 7:04 per mile.  Helen Baddour had “fun” charging down the 9-mile leg 32 at 6:46 per mile for a third-fastest pace all time on the route.  Jessica Bilbrey and Ryan Wakefield had stellar late-night performances and Stuart Hildebrandt sealed the third place mixed division finish when the team followed him across the finish on the anchor leg.

    The StacheFo Masters team ran spectacularly, despite a set of unexpected events, finishing 2nd in their division and 38th overall.  The team started strong, but soon fell off pace halfway through van 2’s first set of legs. On leg nine, Brian Trotter cruised down the 4.6-mile segment when he heard a cry for help.  Little did he know, a female cyclist had careened off the road and fell deep into a ravine.  Trotter sprang into action and climbed down the steep embankment to help.  He beckoned another runner to go for help as he carried and pushed the injured cyclist up the steep embankment and waited for emergency technicians. The master’s team fought to make up the time and finish 36th overall and 2nd in the mixed masters division.  Perhaps more importantly, the race director presented Trotter the first ever BRR Hero award and thanked him personally for his efforts!

    Thanks to everyone who participated and followed along with us on this year’s Blue Ridge Relay.  We are extremely proud of all the runners in this year’s event. 

    We are always looking to promote CRC members in team events.  If you have one coming up or in mind, let us know!

  • October 01, 2019 8:30 AM | Anonymous

    We are 462 Members strong!  Welcome to our members that recently joined or renewed!

    Nathan Cornell

    Lauren & Mathew Flatow

    Deborah Johnson

    Amy & C.J. Langly

    Adam Lavis

    Melvina Lee

    Tamara Mamoulashvili

    Ryan Medas

    Chelsea Schlepp

    Jake Secrist

    Clayton Venhuizen

    Jennifer Young


  • October 01, 2019 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    The Charlotte Running Club will be hosting a FREE 5k each month at Park Rd Park along the new Little Sugar Creek Greenway.  This event is open to everyone!  Join us on Tuesday, October 15th at 6:00pm for the first event!  No registration is required.

    Find out more details from the link below.  

    Charlotte Running Club Free 5k


  • October 01, 2019 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    Ralph Shore never thought of himself as a runner. But he makes a great Santa Claus. And his love of running grew from that.

    Shortly after his sister died of breast cancer in 2000, Ralph called Levine Cancer institute to ask how he could connect with cancer survivors. In memory of his sister, he wanted to give back. Levine was seeking a Santa Claus for the children’s Christmas party, and Ralph fit the part. After extensive screening & training, he didn’t want to stop there. Inspired by the children at Levine, which he continues to work with, he started volunteering for Camp Care, a camp for children with cancer.

    At that point in his life, Ralph weighed 265 pounds and was out of shape. Since Camp Care’s annual fundraiser is a 5K at McAlpine Creek Greenway, he signed up for his first race. He remembers walking the event the previous year, holding his nephew’s hand as the policemen were shutting the course down. Next time, he was going to run it.

    Ralph hired a personal trainer, changed his diet, and dropped 67 lbs. With his wife’s support, he ran ten 5Ks in a matter of four months. He joined the Omega Nation running group and trained for the 2013 Savannah half marathon. He ran an impressive 2:03 half, making top 20% in his age group. He thought about running a full, but was deterred after a runner died on the course. That’s when his wife said, “You can do all the 5Ks you want, but no marathons, and no more half marathons either.”

    To satisfy his passion for running, he decided to run fifty 5Ks in one year. That equates to one race almost every weekend! He made it to 48, but a hamstring injury got too painful for him to run any more. He is currently on a respite from racing, but he knows he will get back to it.

    Nevertheless, his work with children with cancer continues. You may see Ralph dressed as Santa Clause at the kid’s Christmas party. And someday, just maybe, you’ll be running next to Santa during a local race.

  • October 01, 2019 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    Cross Country For Youth, a unique fitness program that introduces boys and girls to cross-country training and character-building concepts, is seeking volunteers for meets and site locations this fall. The program culminates in a 5K run on November 16, where additional volunteers are needed.

    Please go to to learn more and to help out!

    Cross Country for Youth

  • October 01, 2019 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    Be on the lookout for our Member Survey!

    In a few weeks, all members will receive an email with 14 questions that can be answered in 5 minutes. This is YOUR club and we want to hear from you. Let us know how CRC can continue to Build a Strong and Healthy Community through Running.

  • October 01, 2019 7:30 AM | Anonymous

    Oct. 5:  Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure (Uptown)

    Oct. 12:  Walk for Life and Famously Hot Pink Half Marathon, (Columbia, SC)

                **Discount Code Available!**

    Oct. 12:   Let Them Soar 5K (Matthews)

    Oct. 15:   CRC FREE 5K, Park Road Park, 6:00 PM

    Oct. 19:   Rocktoberfest Half Marathon & 5-miler (Midtown)

    Oct. 26:   Running Scared 5-miler (Uptown)

                **Discount Code Available!**

    Charlotte Running Club members login to the Club website (see upper right corner) to access the member only area for race discount codes).

  • October 01, 2019 7:30 AM | Anonymous

    The Olympic Marathon Trials are coming to Atlanta, and you can be there! While you’re at it, sign up for a race the next day!  Click here to learn more about the package being offered to our CRC members: 

    Group Trip to Olympic Marathon Trials & Atlanta Half & Full Marathon


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