Here are the preliminary results for the first Challenge in the Charlotte Running Club Virtual Race Series!

Name Time Segment Category Name Time Segment
Dylan Lowry 4:15   Plaza Midwood Mile M Paula Pridgen 5:01   The Dilworth Mile
Chris Capps


Mallard Creek Mile M Anne Fechtel 5:38  
Josh Tierney 4:41   South End Mile M Natalie Bates 5:52     NoDa Mile
Chris Zuerner 4:42   M Suzanne Trotter 5:53  
Sebastian Nicewicz 4:44   NoDa Mile M Katie Howard 6:39     The Dilworth Mile
Billy Shue 4:53   M Lucy Rogers 7:01    Plaza Midwood    Mile
Stephen Wofford 4:57   M Ashley Marques 7:16   (stroller)

Mike McMillan

Franklin Keathley



McMullen Mile

The Dilworth Mile


Kailyn Veronica 7:28  South End Mile
Chad Crockford 5:09   M Jenn Thompson 7:48 
Ben Pyler 5:09   M Rebecca Bechtel 7:50  Mallard Creek Mile
Ryan Wakefield 5:11   M Melissa Suester 8:05 
Andrew Charters 5:20   Elizabeth Mile M Lily Yatawara 8:11 
Adam Mayes 5:21   M Jesse Smith 8:17  Mallard Creek Mile
Tom Hopkins 5:25   M Addie Marques 8:44 
Stuart Hildebrandt 5:25   M Jasmine Smith 8:45  McMullen Mile
Will Mann 5:34  The Dilworth Mile M Laura Ruthenbeck 8:58 
James Pettit 5:39   M Ashley Patton 8:59 
Nathan Leehman 5:45   M Danielle Long 9:08 

Miguel Joy

5:46   M Jessica Smith 9:12 
Troy Lee 5:47   M Alexandra Diacanu 10:05 

Blake Meehan

John Brasington



Plaza Midwood Mile



Debra Dandro 10:09 

Jorge Ramos

Phil Sanford





Kelly Breeney 11:22  South End Mile
Alex Hambacher 6:13   M
Tim Mann 6:14   M
Chad Champion 6:28   M
Darius Moore 6:30   M
Joey Woltjer 6:33   South End Mile M
Chad Sterling 7:07   M
Jason Vaughn 7:20   McMullen Mile (stroller) M
Joshua Rogen 7:40   McMullen Mile M
Lance F 7:47   M
Brian Trotter 7:50   McMullen Mile M
Wiley Seago 7:57   M
Jay Seago 7:57   M
Michael Gude 8:04   Plaza Midwood Mile M
Dan Warren 8:36   McMullen Mile M
Jason Rymer 8:48   Plaza Midwood Mile M
Brendan Cunnane 8:50   McMullen Mile M
Douglas McDowell 9:53   McMullen Mile M

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