Thank you to everyone who participated in the first Charlotte Running Club Virtual 8k and 5 miler! 

If your results are missing, wrong or need clarification please EMAIL us and we will correct it ASAP!

Congrats to our overall winners Chris Capps (27:08) and Ashley Marques(35:28)! 

Congrats as well to our Drawing Winner Jason Vaughn!  All three winners will get a CRC prize pack!

We had a big range of runners this week, with some setting PRs in the 8k and a few even in total distance! 

We had multiple course records set like Josh Tierney (27:51) on the Wooden Robot 5 miler and Juan Tisera on the Ultra 53 Eastover 5 mile run (28:30).  Congrats to you all! 

We are lucky to have so many beautiful 8ks and 5 milers from races and group runs to choose from!  Thanks each and every one of you for challenging yourselves, and in doing so challenging each other!  Because everything is easier when you know that WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER!

 Name Time   Division Name   Time  Division

 Chris Capps

 27:08  Male  Ashley Marques  35:28  Female
 Mike McMillan  27:40  Johanna Remes


    Anne Fechtel 38:27 
 Josh Tierney  27:51    Maddie Barnhart  39:59  
 Juan Tisera  28:30    Amanda Uher  40:02  
 Stephen Salisbury  28:45    Mckenna Dove  40:45  
 Michael Cooney  29:49    Mary Bradley Pazdan  41:10  
 Ryan Wakefield  30:13    Jeanaette Pantani  41:57  
 Franklin Keathley  30:18    Jessica Sabourin  42:18  
 Jay Seago  32:05    Katie Howard  42:55  
 Daniel Eggers  32:50    Lily Yatawara  44:37  
 Dwayne Bowman  33:48    Hannah Audrey  45:02  
 Eric Smith34:29    Leigh Brown  46:09  
John Brasington 35:28  Brandi Hooven 47:49 
 George Joy 35:58  Jillian Ingram  48:18 
 Jose Santos  36:22    Robin Caron 48:26  
 Billy Shue  36:30    Laura Ruthenbeck


 Phil Sanford  36:34    Maggie Austin  49:59  
 Mike Detrick  36:52    Kristin Davis  50:36  
 Jason Vaughn  38:19   Rocko Jocko  52:23  
 Chad Champion  38:33    Jennifer Nelson  53:49  
 Will Stewart  38:34    Debra Dandro  59:58  
 Lance F  39:38    Amy Myers


 Andie Aldridge  39:58    Ashley Smith  61:22  
 Jeffery Johnson  41:18        
 Jacob Unell  41:57        
 Jim Fahy  42:29        
 Eric Ellis  42:32        
 Collin Jones  43:55        
 Troy Lee  44:30        
 J Welch  46:35        
 Casey Cox 47:03    
 Brad Proctor  48:20        
 Joe Culligan  51:26        
 Gary R  53:22        
 Rob Meeks  54:41        
 Jason Richards  55:41        
 David Michaels  56:51      

 Iurii Avdiievskyi  74:59        

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